Nepal Shatters T20 Cricket Records in Dominating Victory over Mongolia at Asian Games

Nepal Shatters T20 Cricket Records in Dominating Victory over Mongolia at Asian Games

In a breathtaking display of power hitting and record-breaking performance, Nepal etched their name into the annals of cricket history by becoming the first team ever to breach the 300-run barrier in a T20 international. This historic feat unfolded as they clashed with Mongolia in a memorable showdown at the Asian Games.

On a fateful day in Hangzhou, Nepal's batting lineup unleashed a relentless assault, amassing a staggering 314 runs for the loss of just three wickets in their allotted 20 overs. This monumental total eclipsed the previous highest score of 278 for three, a record held by Afghanistan against Ireland since 2019.

Leading the charge was the explosive Kushal Malla, occupying the pivotal number three position in the batting order. Malla's blistering batwork was nothing short of sensational as he blazed his way to the fastest century in T20 international cricket, achieving this remarkable milestone in a mere 34 deliveries.

The fireworks didn't stop there, as Dipendra Singh Airee, following in Malla's footsteps, concluded the innings in a manner that left spectators in sheer astonishment. Airee's incredible knock featured an astonishing eight sixes, propelling him to an unbeaten 52 off just 10 balls.

In the process, Airee achieved yet another world record, reaching his half-century in a mere nine deliveries. This astonishing feat eclipsed India's Yuvraj Singh's 2007 effort against England, which took a comparatively sluggish 12 balls to reach the milestone.

While Nepal basked in the glory of their record-breaking batting performance, Mongolia found themselves grappling with a daunting chase. The Mongolian team, whose women's side had been bowled out for a paltry 15 runs just a week prior in the same Asian Games, met a similar fate as they were dismissed for a mere 41 runs.

Nepal's scintillating display of T20 cricket not only showcased their dominance in the format but also set an exhilarating standard for future encounters. In a game marked by historic milestones and unforgettable moments, Nepal's victory over Mongolia will undoubtedly be etched in the memories of cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

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